Hey, politicians! Wake up, stop giving the people nightmares

Dear YBs,

Before you proceed, be forewarned that I have nothing good to say about you in this open letter. Yet, I hope you will spare about five minutes so that you realise the grief you are causing the people.

There has been no stopping you despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Heck, you don’t even bother about physical distancing in your quest to flex your political muscle. It doesn’t matter which party.

The whole lot of you behave like you are untouchable – even by the coronavirus. Hopefully the virus realises you are trouble and won’t get close to you.

And because of your indifference and disrespect for the law, we have potential Covid-19 clusters aptly nicknamed Bossku, Tun Blackout and PM9 Shafie.

You don’t even pay heed to the King’s advice. He has at least twice called on all of you to cut the politicking and work to solve the people’s problems as times are tough now.

Instead, politicking has gone up a couple of notches, maybe more. So much for respecting His Majesty. You just don’t care anymore.

Dewan Rakyat has become like a warring couple’s backyard – shouting, screaming and abusing each other. You just stop short of hurling a chair or two. But at the rate things are going, I won’t be surprised if that happens one day.

Since the Parliament sitting started on July 13, all we have read is the finger-pointing, name-calling and low-level debates over mostly petty stuff. Obviously, there is no serious desire to discuss the people’s problems. It’s all about you, you, you.

You haven’t displayed the maturity and responsibility to prove you deserve your place in the august House. At best, you are prime candidates for any circus that is looking for clowns.

Then you mock each other on social media like it is some sort of online game. You chide each other by eating Super Ring snacks. Such childishness. It’s not funny at all.

And now we have an impending state election in the midst of a dangerous health situation. And again you are blaming each other without a thought how this might put the people’s lives at risk.

The people need you now more than ever. But it seems you don’t give two hoots. Instead you keep using the people to achieve your personal ambitions. Then you forget them until you need them again.

The #kitajagakita hashtag is truly apt for you politicians. You just look after yourselves.

Malaysians are up to their eyeballs with the economic situation and other worries. Your job is to help ease their burden, not add to it.

If you keep at this, more and more people will switch off and walk away. In fact, I am already at a stage where I don’t care who is in power. In my eyes, you are all the same.

While you play Super Ring, the people are suffering.

While you are power-hungry, there are people who are starving.

While you shout at each other, the people are screaming, “Please help us!”.

While you sleep on the job, people are having nightmares.

Please wake up and do the right thing. Have the decency to respect the wishes of the people who voted you in.

Thank you.

P.S. The people don’t work for you. You work for the people. Never forget that.

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