It’s a corrupt world after all

Corruption and dishonesty exist in all facets of life. It is for us to stamp it out – starting with ourselves.

Here’s a fictitious narrative to show how bad it can really be.

(Note: Text is intentionally written in Manglish)

A: Woi, how are you lah? Long time no see.

B: Busy. You know lah my business. Supply stock, so anytime people call I must deliver one.

A: Eh, you still got the Black Label? Can get me one box?

B: For you anytime got. Only thing must cash lah. 12 bottles for RM1,260. Very cheap already. Guarantee original from Port Klang warehouse one.

A: Good lah you got jalan with the right people, but I only take next month. This month pokai.

B: Why you got new girlfriend?

A: Same one lah, that Filipino girl. But I have to jaga her lah, wife must not know. But also spend on other things.

B: What other things?

A: Like today lah very soi. I driving time answer phone call, then jump the red light. Basket the mata so fast catch me. He want to saman me two offences. Lucky I tolak 100, he let me go.

B: Wah damn lucky lah you, 100 only.

A: But also early morning kena from my contractor to renovate my house. The barger said council want duit kopi 500. He think I print money ah? But I give him lah. Otherwise, wife keep nagging. And my son another useless fellow.

B: Why your son? You said he good boy.

A: Good boy lah, but driving licence two times take, two times fail parking. Now the instructor said take again but he can kawtim for us. RM300 full licence. No choice lah, I have to support my son.

B: Hmmm, you are a good man. Really love your wife and son. This country so much corruption. No morals.

A: That’s why lah. Our politicians making money from all sides. Masuk here, masuk there. Screw up our lives.

B: Ya lah. Have to nip corruption in the bud otherwise our country sure koyak.

A: True, true. Very sad lah these people really no principles. Anyway, nice meeting you. I have to go now. Got residents’ association meeting. They looking for caterer to cook for the neighbourhood year-end party. I got lubang lah. If they accept, I can cari makan sikit. My caterer charging 10 per head. I will tell them 15, then bring down to 12. I still get 2 ringgit per head and they still respect me. Everybody happy. Not bad lah. For 300 residents, my pocket got 600 already. Have to find ways lah. This corrupt politicians really screw us up. Sigh!

B: Eh wait, before you go. I give you that day you ask my friend’s contact number for the cigarettes. He sell 90 ringgit only one carton. Even cheaper than duty-free 105. No limit, can take how many carton you want. Can recommend your family and friends. He very honest guy, do business very gentleman. Never cheat anyone.

A: Ok, thanks man. We both same boat lah. Get screwed by corrupt people. Bye. See you soon.

B: Bye.

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