Michelle’s latest ‘wayang’ – 1MDB

Michelle Yeoh

Sometimes nothing else quite hits the spot when you’ve used up every other word.

You’ve rummaged round the back of the sofa, rifled through the drawers, turned out your pockets and still come up empty.

That’s the situation today as startled Malaysians have run out of stinging words over Michelle Yeoh’s involvement in the 1MDB movie.

If God punished hypocrisy with lightning bolts, Michelle and a few others would be in smouldering ruins.

Consider: She endorsed disgraced former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, fawned over him, urged Malaysians to give him a strong mandate and campaigned for Barisan Nasional.

Michelle’s diet of drivel in support of Najib was insufferably smug in recent years.

Like this one:

“We have a leader who has done so many good things and will do more.
“I hope from the bottom of my heart that he will remain as the prime minister and I ask all of you to give him a strong mandate.”

Louis Liaw (@louisliaw) tweeted:

@amirulruslan tweeted:

“Cheap opportunists like her should have no place in new Malaysia,” tweeted Cynthia Gabriel, who is the executive director for C4 Center, an anti-corruption watchdog.

“Mana ada integrity? (Where is the integrity?) Before regime change, she was all over Najib and co…,” she added.

Michelle Yeoh
Michelle described the ‘Billion Dollar Whale’ as a “fascinating book” on her Instagram.

Michelle is to team up with Ivanhoe Pictures to produce a movie based on the Billion Dollar Whale book, which details the 1MDB scandal and the exploits of its alleged mastermind Jho Low.

The Billion Dollar Whale was authored by Wall Street Journal journalists, Tom Wright and Bradley Hope.

Truly, Michelle’s feathering of her own nest could not have been more shameful.