Mr Politician, do you have these numbers?

Who has the numbers? Please enlighten me, Mr Politician. Yes, I’m asking you – the prime minister has-beens and wannabes.

Let me be clear. I’m not asking about the numbers to make you the No. 1. Far from it.

Again, who has the following numbers?

How many people have lost their jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic?

How many have been evicted from their homes because they could not pay rent?

How many are starving and wondering where their next meal is coming from?

How many babies have not had their milk because their parents’ pockets have run dry?

How many people in the tourism and entertainment industries are selling their belongings to survive?

How many people are having depression and how many have committed suicide as a result of helplessness?

Do you have the numbers? I doubt it because the only numbers you care about are those that will give you power.

There are dozens more questions in my head but it’s a waste of time because you don’t have the answers. Maybe just a couple more:

How many press conferences have you held and how many press statements have you issued to address the problems of the people?

Don’t tell me you can’t do anything if you are not in government. Then it’s better you quit and let the poor people have your undeserving MP salary and allowances.

How often do you think and worry about the people’s suffering?

You are probably not even aware of it. You are just thinking about your suffering without power in your hands, aren’t you?

The real numbers you need to rely on are the number of people – the same ones whose welfare you have cast aside in your quest for power.

We are sick and tired of this power game. We just want to get on with life and put food on the table in these trying times. Is that too much to ask?

Stop your charade or your days as a politician are numbered.

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