Near or far, Malaysians a patriotic lot

THOSE living outside Malaysia are mini-ambassadors of the country and contribute to nation-building in their own way.

I read a posting on social media daring Malaysians who migrated to return and serve the country.

This is obviously on the back of the political slaying of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s Barisan Nasional government in the 14th general election.

It got me thinking and I felt a little guilty.

Of course I would love to serve my country – who wouldn’t? But you know what, I am.

If there is a Malaysian athlete who is actively competing abroad, would you ask him or her to stop and come back just because Najib is gone?

If there is a Malaysian scientist who heads a breakthrough research elsewhere, would you ask him or her to stop and come back just because there is a new government?

If a Malaysian actor or actress makes it big in Hollywood, would you ask him or her to stop and come back just because now there is presumably law and order?

If there is an opportunity elsewhere to improve oneself, why is that not patriotic?

Malaysians abroad become the country’s unofficial ambassadors as our character is acknowledged based on nationality, not religion. When we excel, the country is praised too.

Language, be it Malay or Manglish, unites Malaysians when spoken in foreign lands away from home.

Haven’t you ever felt the pride of meeting a fellow Malaysian when you are on holidays overseas? How does that feel? The only thing connecting the two is the birthplace country which seems stronger than blood.

Yes, of course when the job is done or when the mission is accomplished, one has the option of returning to Malaysia or not – that’s a prerogative.

Nevertheless, for those in Malaysia, it is unfair that you judge our patriotism. No matter where life takes me, I will always be proud to be a Malaysian.

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