No resolution is better than unfulfilled resolution

2019 resolution

New Year’s Day is almost here. It’s time again to make resolutions to become a better me. Not!

They say resolutions are made to be broken. I am guilty as charged. Thus the only resolution I’ll make is not to make any resolutions ever again.

Why should I when these are things I can’t or won’t do/complete? Like losing 20kg of my weight, buying that Mercedes, doing the bungee jump, going to Mount Everest base camp, and so on.

It will be a major milestone as I turn 60 in 2019. Each day I wake up is already a huge blessing … an unconditional extension to the short lease on life.

There’s no need for resolutions to try to do things which I cannot achieve. Keeping up with the Joneses, Alis, Ah Chongs, and Muthus is not for me. Not anymore.

If there is anything I hope to achieve, it would be without any physical effort or spending even a sen. It won’t be a commitment which I cannot keep and then renew it every year-end in the form of a resolution.

As such, for 2019 and beyond, I want to be who I am. To be happy. To give and receive love. To keep moving forward and remaining positive no matter what the odds.

To everyone else, here’s a toast to good health, joy and peace always. Happy New Year.

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