People are just envious of Ffira Mikah the great angel

Re: A Stadium Named Ffira Mikah

Dear Yang Mulia Hakim Ariff Md Noor,

I refer to the above matter.

Honestly, I am disgusted with the people for making an issue out of nothing. The criticism against you is totally uncalled for.

You are indeed your definition of Ffira Mikah – Great Angel. You have such humility but it has gone unappreciated.

Maybe people are just envious that you are multilingual and proficient in Spanish and Arabic. It’s Greek to them.

I’ll write you a note of thanks the same way because I am also multilingual and the two of us can laugh about it while others will be left wondering.

Here you go:

Thguoht enoyna naht citsilaernu erom eb tsum uoy ,evoba dias I tahw fo drow eno neve deveileb uoy fi ,ffirA mikaH kicnE raed.

NoelopaN elttiL sa ot derrefer si tahw fo elpmaxe emirp a era uoy.

Dlrow lanoisuled ruoy ni tsol era uoy dna uoy dewollaws sah oge eguh ruoy.

Muidats inim eht rof eman ”drawkcab“ a hcus gniredro ylbaborp tsom ro gnisoporp yb gnikniht erew uoy htrae no tahw em selddufeb ti.

Scitna hcus ot troser dna reciffO tcirtsiD pareT gnadaP fo noitisop eht dloh uoy taht elbanigaminu s’ti.

Yllof ruoy hguorht ees t’now yeht gnikniht yb elpoep eht fo ecnegilletni eht gnitlusni era uoy ,taht naht erom.

Yas ot evah I lla s’taht.

Rewop fo snoitisop ni uoy ekil srehto eb thgim ereht taht em seracs tsuj ti.

Uoy knaht.

(All said, I am thankful that the state government changed the name to solve the issue).

Editor’s note: To read the letter, use Spell Backwards.