‘Pray Bukit Kiara remains open during MCO’

I hiked up Bukit Kiara this morning – on the eve of the implementation of yet another Movement Control Order (MCO) for the whole of Kuala Lumpur until May 20.

Following the implementation of MCO in six Selangor districts, the regulars did not turn up due to the inter-district travel restrictions.

When I went into the jungle trails, I felt as if I had the whole of Bukit Kiara to myself. Only a handful of die-hards were around. I love the cool and crisp morning air, the peace and quiet, punctuated by the screech of a macaque now and then.

These regular walks and hikes have been faithfully and quietly boosting my immune system and keeping the virus at bay. I’m sure many others will agree wholeheartedly with me on the immense benefits derived.

We get our eyes refreshed by the greenery around, our lungs and hearts primed by the huffs and puffs up and down the undulating terrain, and our minds quietened and at peace with God and Mother Nature.

I’m thankful that Bukit Kiara and the nearby parks remain open to enable many of us to step away from the confines of our house, especially seniors, and those who work from home.

I cannot imagine a situation where the doors of Bukit Kiara are kept shut, as in previous MCOs, and health freaks like me are deprived of the beauty of nature and open spaces.

Syabas to the wisdom of the authorities for recognising this park as a form of complementary medicine in our fight against the virus. A big thank you to the National Landscape Department and Kuala Lumpur City Hall for their thoughtfulness.

We pray that Bukit Kiara will remain open during this MCO period.

This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Twentytwo13.

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