School uniforms – a way of instilling discipline during online lessons

Schools have adapted to online learning due to the Covid-19 pandemic but that is no reason for students not to wear a school uniform.

At Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School, we believe that even though the classes are online, the students must wear the school’s uniform or T-shirt during lessons.

The reason is for them to feel that they are in a classroom environment, despite being in the comfort of their home, or room.

Other schools should do this as a way of maintaining some form of discipline. If a child cannot follow this simple instruction, what does it say about his or her attitude?

Why do I think uniforms are important for online lessons?

When children wear them during online lessons, they know what is expected of them and how they should act as ‘ambassadors’ of the school.

It helps separate their ‘home self’ with their ‘school persona’. We must not forget they are learning from home and we need them to get into the ‘learning mode’.

Wearing uniforms would help them focus on their lessons.

Uniforms also promote a school’s identity and help foster the school spirit. Children take pride in wearing the school’s colours.

Also, studies have shown that wearing uniforms is a great equaliser – it takes away the pressure and time out of choosing what to wear, and it deters bullies from making fun of others because everyone is wearing the same thing.

I am pro-uniform as when the students wear them, they feel as if they belong to a community or family, which is what a school is.

Also, uniforms can be handed down to a younger sibling, which is a cost-effective solution for parents.

There are so many other positives on why uniforms are the logical choice.

So, as open-minded, and as unconventional as I am, there are parts of me that are pragmatic.

I will never run a school on a ‘no uniform’ concept – with or without a pandemic.

This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Twentytwo13.