Seeing red over traffic offenders

Illegal U-turn

What’s with people who break traffic rules any chance they get?

It’s like cool nowadays for motorcyclists to zoom across the road while the lights are red. Or for motorists to jam up everything by going into the yellow box. Or making illegal U-turns, or overtaking dangerously, or driving faster than a super jet, or double parking and enraging others.

I say it seems cool because everyone seems to be doing it, even some traffic policemen. It was a few months ago when this cop on his bike made a U-turn although the lights on his side were still red. Colour blind?

Then there was this man in his Kancil. He was belted up. Great! But the two young children – one at the back and the other in front – were playing some kind of game while half standing on their seats. And Mr Driver was oblivious to the danger he had placed the kids in.

It’s completely mystifying. Sometimes I wonder if there’s an unseen evil force that makes people lose their common sense once they hit the road. Maybe a voice in the head which says, “Go on, mate! Step on the pedal. You can do it!” Or “Hey, the yellow box is the place to be. Why give way? You matter more than anyone else.”

While road rage is never to be encouraged or condoned, it is understandable why people go mad sometimes. It’s because of uncaring, selfish and “colour blind” road users.

I have got angry several times too but have so far taken the less aggressive way of honking most times to show my displeasure. Or telling off that person who was nowhere to be seen for ages after double parking behind my car.

That in itself is risky because the offender might be a burly goon who won’t hesitate to leave me in a mangled mess.

But sometimes I just “tak boleh tahan” (can’t stand it). It riles me up so much that I am in a difficult situation because someone else thinks it his grandfather’s road.

There I go again getting upset over yesterday morning’s incident. But I won’t talk about that and will stop now since I’m seeing red.

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