Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk if you want to have fun


Twentytwo13’s Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk Fun Run 2018 at Padang Merbok is six days away and it promises to be a whole lot of fun judging by what happened last Saturday.

On that day, to prepare for Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk Fun Run 2018, I competed in my first 5km fun run and was amazed how colourful, interesting, fun, noisy and most of all, relatively easy it was.

The more serious runners opted for the 10km, 21km or full marathon but there were still about 3,500 runners for the 5km fun run.

Not having trained for the “adventure”, my wife, daughter and I walked most of the way and yet we completed the route in just over 50 minutes.

Running or walking outdoors was so refreshing and so much better than doing so on a treadmill in a gym and we are likely to sign up for more events.

Obviously, we were not among the early finishers on Saturday but the point was to finish the course and have some fun.

Among the adult runners in the fun run were other parents with little ones eager to compete.

Some parents even pushed their toddlers in prams and one dad who had his kid strapped to his chest ala Daniel Craig – and he completed the run faster than us!

Along the way, we saw a little child wearing a T-shirt with the words (I’m paraphrasing as I didn’t get a good look at it) “I run. I may be slow as a turtle, but at least I run”.

That is a great attitude to have when you consider news reports that Malaysia is the fattest nation in Asia.

Those reports were also one of the reasons Twentytwo13 decided to organise a fun run – to promote a healthy lifestyle and for families to have fun doing it.

The name of the run is a play of words on what Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V, who had just before officiating the Dewan Rakyat session after the change in government, said: “Sila duduk, jangan lari”, referring to the opposition MPs who staged a walkout a day earlier.

Much to our surprise, one of the biggest supporters of Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk Fun Run 2018 is Istana Negara, which is sending several runners from its welfare and sports club.

Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk Fun Run 2018

Although entries for Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk Fun Run 2018 are closed as we reached our target of 800 runners, do come to Padang Merbok to have some fun and cheer on the “athletes”.

Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk Fun Run 2018 is supported by FTKLAA, F&N Beverages, Kuckreja & Co, Mesuma Sports Sdn Bhd, and Genesis Healthcare Group.