Silver screen courage cannot erase reality of America’s atrocities and debacles

Hollywood is a powerful propaganda machine that promotes the so-called American bravado and courage as a defender of justice for the helpless masses at the hands of terrestrial and non-terrestrial tyrannic regimes.

These movies show America as the saviour of humanity.

America fought and won many wars on the silver screen as portrayed in John Wayne movies, in which the hero was the epitome of American chivalry, courage and bravado, initially in western flicks fighting the bad American Indians to save the settlers from the atrocities of the savages.

The Americans, sanctioned by various presidents, stole and confiscated tribal lands and massacred them into near-extinction, imprisoning the remnants in reservations.

It is always the good white man portrayed as a victim against the evil, savage Indians.

Slavery is another theme that was given a whitewash treatment on the celluloid screen, giving the impression of the humanness of the slave owners.

The movies seldom question the moral and ethical aspects of slavery. If at all, it is to show that justice prevails within the institution of slavery.

America has never lost a battle or war on the silver screen.

The World War II films with lead actors Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Gary Grant, James Stewart and others promote the astute battle strategy of the American generals and the bravery of their soldiers against German and Japanese enemies.

After its defeat in Vietnam, Hollywood created Rambo to salvage American pride and reputation.

Theatrical and film licence enables Hollywood to create the illusion of reality, almost to a farce, that saw Rambo, played by Sylvester Stallone, single-handedly pulverise the Viet Cong.

He also took on the Taliban and Russians in Afghanistan. He could survive through a hail of bullets, bomb and grenade explosions and in all manner of dangers. He is invincible.

Hollywood intended to create the perception that Americans are the good guys while all others are evil. It is like the cowboys and Indian flicks all over again.

Now Stallone and all the other ‘superheroes’ like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Norris are replaced by newer ones with superhuman powers.

They are Superman, Captain America, Iron Man, the Avengers, the Justice League, Thor, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Spider-Man and the Transformers who fought terrestrial and extra-terrestrial evil forces to save humanity.

The sci-fi flicks, Star Trek and Star War series and their hybrids take American ingenuity and creativity to a cosmic level with dazzling special effects and created a generation of devotees but with the same message of Americans as good guys and saviours of humanity against the evil forces of the universe.

Contrary to the Hollywood propaganda of America as the defender of justice and salvation for the downtrodden, it is a nation that promotes destruction, causing millions of deaths through wars, economic sanctions and clandestine operations to further its hegemonic intent.

Its main objective is to destabilise the world to serve its agenda of world domination.

However, all those Hollywood superheroes cannot erase the reality of America’s atrocities and debacles.

This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Twentytwo13.