The beauty of supporting Real Chukai, Kerteh FC instead of an EPL team

I‘ve often wondered why many Malaysians glorify the English Premier League. I cannot understand how someone from Malaysia could possibly support say Manchester United – a team that once formally endorsed the disgraced AIG and is made up of players from all over the world.

Where’s the connection to Malaysia? And most importantly, what’s the point?

If you intend to commit to something perennially silly, like ignoring your local football club and supporting a team that is thousands of kilometres away, you might just as well support the best team from other leagues – like 13 times Champion Leagues winner Real Madrid.

Of course, English teams are peppier and spirited. Their fans make better noise too. But when you delve into the art, trust me, watching Premier League matches … it’s just so straightforward.

I suppose this stems from the fact that many of us lack the capacity to appreciate art. We’re in fact simply ghastly at gauging art.

But I guess this is a common sickness of a developing nation. It’s always all about results, quick results. We never do take the time to appreciate exquisiteness or loveliness anymore.

Then, there are people who will tell you that the beauty of football lies within the notion that you can support whichever team you want – rehashing the ‘democracy’ argument and implanting the idea that you are free to support whichever team you fancy, which is true indeed.

Your support could be derived from a million reasons and none of them are wrong.

Those people will further argue that fans find a sense of connection differently. It could be based on historical reasons, geographically motivated, preferred style of play, or through the sub-culture undertones of their fans. None of this would ever lead to a wrong choice.

In other words, what they are saying is that you are free to make choices as long as it does not infringe the rights of others. This is quite nutty because in the context of sports, especially the Premier League, people tend to get easily offended simply when confronted with a fan from a rival club.

Freedom of choice is definitely a right. But it does not guarantee that the choices we make would always be correct or good and without consequences.

This is the same freedom that entitles you to drink cups and cups of coffee despite knowing that it makes your teeth turn yellow. The same freedom that allows you to smoke despite the fact that it renders your lungs black and dysfunctional.

So let’s be clear and get this one thing straight – there will certainly be consequences on the choices we make.

If you choose to ignore your local football team and rather support a team thousands of kilometres away, who are monumentally awful, you would definitely be pretty miserable and embarrassed.

Honestly, it is hard to be sure with any of these football teams.

So to be safe and sound, I lend my support to two local football clubs near where I stay – Real Chukai FC and Kerteh FC.

Those two clubs are closest to where I live, which allows me to contribute to both of them beyond my mere cheers and roars. Both clubs are one of the best-managed clubs in the country.

And when they lose, I feel just as miserable as when I supported Everton a long, long time ago.

Feeling wretched and gloomy over the thrashing of a club thousands of kilometres away is just pitiful and heartbreaking.

Frankly, jogging naked during a funeral feels less silly and embarrassing. But it’s not like I’m suggesting this to any English Premier League fan.

This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Twentytwo13.

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