The day riding took a back seat to the ‘fellowship’

When J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the epic Lord of the Rings, it denoted the formation of the ‘Fellowship’, different individuals with different talents, but with one common goal – to protect the ‘Ring’.

Last Saturday, there was a gathering of a group of individuals who formed a ‘fellowship’ 32 years ago at a place called Karkala (Land of Black Rock) located in the state of Karnataka in India.

We studied pre-university there to enter medical school. It was two years of fun, mayhem, and good times for the crew.

Most of us went on to study the art of medicine, while several others ventured into the field of engineering. Over the years, we each travelled our journey on different roads, but on and off these roads, we converged at common intersections for meet-ups to rekindle the ‘fellowship’.

Each meet-up further enhanced and strengthened the bond. But with family and professional commitments, the meet-ups have not been so easy.

Yet, over the past 12 years, we have made a conscientious effort to meet once a year in full force at various locations such as Penang, Langkawi, Port Dickson, Cherating, Goa, and Phuket.

Several spots in Kuala Lumpur have also witnessed the gathering and strengthening of the ‘fellowship’.

The meet-up last Saturday in Kuala Lumpur was to acknowledge that some of us have recently reached the half centennial in age. It was also to play catch-up as we were unable to meet over the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I had planned for a really long ride the very next day, but sometimes, just meeting up and being with good friends, over food and drinks, is just as exciting.

Riding through old memories at breakneck speed, we felt the spirit soar and laughed at how we were disciplined for our shenanigans.

We recalled the birthday celebrations accompanied with rotten eggs. We also celebrated our latest memories of our accomplishments and our children’s achievements.

The meet-up was a success if ever there was a way to qualify it. I got up the next morning physically and mentally rejuvenated, exhilarated, and ready for life. The same feel I get when I am riding.

A few could not be there due to work and family commitments, but there’s always the next ‘fellowship’.

While riding was deferred last Sunday, it was a great opportunity to relax at home with the family.

Main image (from left): Dr N. Janarthan, Dr Terence Leslie D’Silva and Dr Narendran during the fellowship.

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