Three years on and we’re here to stay!

Today marks another milestone for Twentytwo13 as we turn three.

It’s a significant achievement for Twentytwo13 as an independent newsroom that focuses on people’s perspectives and is committed to upholding the truth.

Since our inception on May 22, 2018, we have remained steadfast in an industry that is rapidly changing, more so now with the onslaught of the pandemic.

The challenges faced by journalists today are not just confined to on the job hazards, including threats and intimidation.

Many journalists are finding it hard to remain employed as media houses around the globe struggle to find sustainable business models in the era of digitisation.

However, the team at Twentytwo13 will continue to evolve and break boundaries to remain relevant to the community it serves.

To our readers, contributors, partners and affiliates who have been with us throughout this journey, thank you!

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