Twentytwo13 turns one

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Happy birthday to us!

We are celebrating our first birthday today. This website was born on May 22 at 10.13pm or 22:13 in military time a year ago.

It’s been a challenging yet rewarding 12 months.

Our proudest moment is undoubtedly breaking the news on Jan 7, 2019 that then Pahang Crown Prince Tengku Abdullah Shah was to be named Malaysia’s new Agong, 16 days ahead of the official announcement.

The story was then picked up by several local dailies.

There have been many other Twentytwo13 articles that were quoted by our peers in the industry, but this is not an article to chest-thump.

Instead, it is a celebration. A celebration of what can be done if we set our minds to it.  A celebration of our independence of political baggage.

That is why we have made it a point to call out politicians from both sides of the political divide (much to the confusion of observers).

A celebration that our motley crew who want to make a difference, have lived up to our tagline of putting people’s perspective first while breaking boundaries. A celebration that despite the odds, we have safely navigated our first year as a news portal.

We are growing and despite being the new kids on the block, have secured tie-ups with public and private entities based in Malaysia and in the region.

We have big plans for our second year but like a magician, we can’t reveal our secrets.

Just know we will continue putting people first and we thank you for your support.

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