United we stand, divided we fall


Amid a maelstrom of corruption madness – and there’s no certainty where it will all end – Malaysia today celebrates 61 years of independence.

These are times when Malaysians must believe:

  • In being equal citizens rather than preferred subjects.
  • In not being lost in the evil ocean.


August 31 is about the Malaysian family.

Being ‘Malaysian’ defines a cohesive mindset of a diverse people linked in a common purpose.

Independence is not something that’s a one-day affair.

It’s not an occasion to fly the flag for the government either.

It’s something that we must fight for and work on every single day.

It involves mutual respect and recognition of disadvantaged people who are not free.

There are still Malaysians who are jobless, discriminated against and struggling to be equal citizens.

Without freedom, we don’t have one vision, one identity, one nation.

Without freedom, one does not have the ability to contribute to society, give children a good education and hold a family together.

If you love Malaysia, you must recommit to making sure that everybody in this country is free; that everybody has opportunity; that every child has a proper education.

Malaysians must firmly dismiss those with self-serving interests that mar the character of our beloved nation.

Ignore the harsh and shrill voices of firebrands who promote fractious relationships and persist in forcing drivel upon us.

Now that we are aware of the depths of immorality and illegality involving certain politicians and civil servants, our stomach churns.

So, we must unite to speak and fight against corruption and partisan interests.

This stench won’t abate until the worst offenders have been brought to justice, but we must be of one heart and soul, seek strength in unity and uphold years of fruitful existence.

We have come too far to fail.

Take an honest look at where we are heading as a people.


  • Is this truly our nation, especially in terms of unity?
  • Are we mature enough to ensure the future of our progeny is utmost on our minds?


These searching questions have no simple answers given the complexity of our history and profile of a diverse people.

But one thing is certain: it is obligatory on those active in everyday life as citizens to ensure the viable future of the nation.

No nation is perfect but you, the people, can strive to make it untainted.

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