Warmonger: America as defender of justice, equality, and human rights, exposed as a myth

All along, it has been America’s geopolitical objective to dominate the world by using its military and economic power to coerce, intimidate, and force nations to submit to its ideological imperatives and stamp its presence as the master race.

It uses its economic power to impose sanctions on nations that do not submit to its imperial imperatives. For nations without the capability to retaliate militarily, it uses its armed forces to effect regime change or outright invasions, as it did in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Iraq. It stamps its global authority through numerous military bases all over the world, especially in hotspots in Europe, the Middle East (Israel and Saudi Arabia), and Southeast Asia (the Philippines and Japan) to counter Russian, Chinese, North Korean, and Iranian influences.

Unlike Russia and Britain, which have a long imperial history, America is a nation of immigrants, who stole lands from the indigenous American Indians, and carried out a genocide, annihilating them almost to extinction. The remnants were incarcerated in reservations.

No surprise that America, with the support of Britain, is backing the genocide perpetrated by Israeli Zionists against the Palestinians, and driving them out of their land in a systematic ethnic cleansing.

America wants to assume the mantle of an empire that commands over everything it surveys. It makes no qualms or hides its intentions as it asserts its might throughout the world by direct, or proxy killings of innocent civilians, as it is doing now in Gaza.

But its imperial despotic design is being challenged by China, which has emerged as a world economic and military powerhouse.

America has used every possible means to undermine China’s economic and military ascendency. Among these are undermining China’s space exploration and scientific research, excluding China in the GPS system, applying sanctions on the sale of high-grade semiconductors, impeding trading and communication facilities, and demonising China as a threat to Western security, to justify its actions.

Russia, a former imperial nation and America’s perennial nemesis, a superpower matching America’s economic, technological, and military might, has further advanced its global presence with strategic linkages with China, Iran, the Arab states, and even Saudi Arabia, challenging America’s imperial design.

America dares not engage directly with Russia, even with the help of its British lackey and those from Nato (the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), for it knows of the dire consequences that would befall it. Instead, as per its usual modus operandi, it engages in proxy wars, as in the current Russia-Ukraine conflict, with the latter backed by Nato.

As is the norm, the proxy country’s citizens who have been duped to fight America’s wars, suffer the consequences of being killed and maimed, while American citizens are safely ensconced in their country, and their troops billeted in secure locations.

The American public has never suffered the ravages of war, as their government bombs and kills civilians in other countries, thousands of miles from American shores.

America is a war-mongering nation and has, since the beginning of the 20th century, been involved, directly or indirectly, in 29 wars. In the 21st century, it has been in four wars – in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, and the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is a country that has massacred millions, including those who perished in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

Currently, America is supplying arms, logistics, and diplomatic support to Israel. The latest support is the Bill passed by the US House of Representatives to sanction any country that supports Hamas.

America has laid the groundwork through Israel to establish its hegemonic imperial regime in the Middle East to control the hydrocarbon resources. It has successfully manoeuvred Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and to a certain extent Egypt, to do its bidding. At the very least, to not interfere with its imperial agenda.

Only Iran, Syria, Libya, and Yemen, and to a certain extent Iraq, which was decimated through lies about having weapons of mass destruction, have opposed America’s hegemonic agenda. The thorn in America’s flesh is Iran, which could inflict irreparable damage to America in the event of a conflict.

However, America’s aspirations to cement its position as the absolute imperial ‘dictator’ to dominate the world is being challenged by a new alignment of the China-Russia Axis that includes Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and the BRICs nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), forming a bulwark against the traditional American-led coalition consisting of Britain, Nato, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

If before, America could dupe the world with the myth that it was a democratic country that held the highest moral principles, championing human rights, and safeguarding the poor, the tired, and the oppressed, it is now clear that it is not what it claims to be. The world has seen through its facade of lies and falsehoods.

America has been exposed as a war-mongering nation that has no qualms or conscience in committing war crimes and genocide to establish its imperial presence.

The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the writer and do not necessarily represent that of Twentytwo13.

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