Who you gonna call?

SARAWAK is the biggest state in Malaysia, rich in natural resources such as timber and oil yet connectivity is a real problem.

I can understand if it is in the interior of Sarawak where one would have to traverse the deepest darkest jungles, crossing rivers and facing such hurdles as man-eating crocodiles and the ilk, but Bau?

It is a former gold mining town and birthplace of the nation’s diving queen Pandelela Rinong Pamg.

It is only 30-odd kilometres from Kuching yet the major telecommunication companies can’t get their act together to ensure customers get the full benefit of their service.

Many parts of the town are “dead zones” for mobile users and Streamyx is slower than the Election Commission during GE14.

Perhaps having lived in Klang Valley for more than half my life has spoiled me.

Having grown up and suffered in the dial-up era, I now expect everything in a click or push of a button.

We now have 4G or rather what the telecommunication companies claim to be 4G, and it means I get whatever I need in nanoseconds … well, most of the time anyway.

New Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo recently promised telecommunication companies will soon provide faster internet for half the price.

But maybe he should ask them to look at improving their service in east Malaysia first.

I may sound selfish or entitled simply because I had trouble logging on to Facebook or reading Whatsapp messages but don’t forget the new government needs to spread its word to the people of Sarawak and Sabah.

Most of them have only ever known Barisan Nasional as they were brainwashed by the national media.

The Malaysian Insight and MalaysiaKini are almost unheard of.

I tried accessing those sites and waited and waited and waited … before giving up half the time.

I’m finally back in Subang and as usual, will spend hours glued to my phone … only this time I will actually be able to access stuff.