With RM14,100 collected for WAO under Project 60.1, it’s time to keep a promise

Tomorrow I’m walking 25km – the highlight of Project 60.1. Or at least I am expected to because that’s the work that has to be done for getting RM14,100 from friends and relatives of Twentytwo13 staff.

The money will be channeled to Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) which helps women and children who face domestic abuse.

There’s some anxiety as I have never walked beyond 10km all my life. I may have done a little more than 10km once a while when on holiday but that would be throughout the day and there was no pressure of any sort.

This time it’s no holiday. And it’s no walk in the park although that is what it seems like.

My motivation is victims of domestic violence who have a much tougher journey than mine. Their destination is a thousand times further and they just cannot give up. Neither can I (at least that’s what I say now).

The other big inspiration has already been mentioned above – friends and relatives who rose to the occasion to do their part for a good cause.

Twentytwo13 had set a modest target of RM5,000 when Project 60.1 was launched on Nov 1. But the sum kept growing. Even after we announced that we were closing the account, we had kind souls who still wanted to chip in.

We have kept breaking our promise in that sense. The amount collected has been going up by the day, especially over the past two weeks. This time it’s for certain – we closed with an amazing RM14,100 for WAO.

It is apt that we observed International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women just two days ago. But the battle is a continuous one, and not just for one day.

We have to keep up our fight against domestic violence and one way is to raise awareness on the seriousness of the problem. On that point, Project 60.1 has been a resounding success (although I have yet to fulfill my part of the deal).

Tomorrow is a big day for me as I want to go the distance as pledged. It’s my 61st birthday and I have already received the best present from everyone who has helped in this initiative. Thank you.

Twentytwo13 also thanks everyone for their kindness and support for a worthy cause.

Twentytwo13 readers and other fellow Malaysians can still donate directly to Women’s Aid Organisation at CIMB Bank Berhad 80-0238299-7 (Reference: Children’s Programme).

For more information, contact amnani@wao.org.my or visit www.wao.org.my.