Dogs can be a handful but truly are man’s best friend

My name is Riyaa Reuban. I am 12 years old, and I love my three dogs – Rudy, Roy and Rio.

Of the three, Rudy is exceptional. He was the first dog I owned. I found him on the streets when he was a tiny puppy – he is a mongrel.

My father rescued him, and I took him in as a birthday gift for my 10th birthday. Rudy’s birthday is Jan 15, and we never fail to celebrate it.

Not only is he my best friend, but he is also my furry brother, my family, and plays a large part in my life. But he also gives me the most trouble!

Rudy has destroyed most of my brothers’ footballs and family’s shoes. The list is endless, but we still love him.

You may ask: “How can a dog play a big part in a human’s life?”

Well, a dog is a man’s best friend because its qualities are pure.

For example, faithfulness: Many pets are great friends of man, but no pet is as loyal a friend, or as faithful and devoted as a dog.

They are more trustworthy than human beings. A dog is the only animal that loves its owner more than itself.

Before the Movement Control Order, Rudy would be the first to greet me when I returned from school.

It’s no joke having a pet. My grandfather helps to feed him twice a day, shower him, and bring him for walks.

Rudy’s playtime is usually after 5pm. Although he doesn’t know many tricks, he can jump high and can play football. He is fast and can catch biscuits in his mouth.

The main reason my brothers and I play outside, or do outdoor activities, is because of the dogs.

Recently, Rudy got jealous as we had not paid him as much attention as before the MCO, so he changed his behaviour and stopped playing with us. But I still try my best to call him to play.

My family gives him shelter, healthy food and unconditional love. But whenever he hears the front gate open, he sprints out without thinking twice.

The next thing you know, my family would be in the neighbourhood searching for him, worried he might attack someone.

My father calls Rudy an onion. If you have seen the movie The Onion, the character has mood swings, and Rudy is the same. You do not know when he would be playful, or moody.

Dogs are also the most reliable guards for homes. It is one of the most common reasons for adopting a dog.

Dogs may be the safest security measure, but when Rudy hears firecrackers, lightning, or thunder, he becomes terrified and runs inside the house.

Rudy is not a fan of the rain as well. My mum lets him stay in the kitchen until it stops.

Rudy can be a scaredy-cat or a brave dog!

I love Rudy Boy. He means the world to me. No matter what he does, I am never going to stop loving him.

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