Covid-19 has a big impact on us,
Spending time with friends are long gone,
All I do now is slouch on the couch,
While my parents busy themselves on the lawn.

I miss going to school,
I miss meeting my friends,
I miss greeting the teachers,
I wonder when will Covid-19 ever end.

I used to enjoy waking up early,
I used to enjoy going to school,
Now I am as lazy as a cat,
I don’t enjoy facing the computer while sitting on a stool.

I miss looking forward to activities,
Visiting my family, going on vacations,
The only thing I look forward to is sleeping at night,
Where I can escape from reality and drift into my imaginations.

Our life is now a long-winded war,
It has separated us from the people we love,
I hate being imprisoned at home,
When again can I fly free like a dove?

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