‘It is you I welcome death with’

Time: 2:30pm

We had set aside a couple of bottles, waiting for the loud roaring sound. He was in my arms to set aside our grief.

The news said it’s doomsday – the end of the world. The buttons had been pressed. There’s nothing we can do now. He told me that Satan’s going to be impressed. So here it is, our final night alive.

Nine hours and 30 minutes until the end.

He put on his finest suit, and I painted my fingernails. Then, we took a long drive to go to a funeral home to buy caskets.

He turned up the music as I placed my head on his shoulder while he drove.

Nine hours left.

We arrived.

“We’re going out in style, babe. Everything’s on sale tonight,” he said.

We headed to the store and were surprised there were many others also there. He pulled my arms in and wept.

Thirty minutes to the end.

We laid in our caskets. He cried and said goodnight while his arms were by my side. Our final night alive.

As the earth burns to the ground, he said loudly: “Oh, girl, it’s you. I am glad I lay with you as the atom bomb locks in. It’s okay if we turn to ashes cause I am with you.

“It’s you I welcome death with.”

I stared at him.

“Arius … are you okay?”

He looked around. He was in bed, not in a casket.

We visited many places just to know what was going on with Arius. He started imagining things that never happened.

He would cry at night and tell me how much he loved me.
He promised me that no matter what happened, he will always be with me.

I made coffee one morning when Arius turned on the news.

The newscaster announced that a nuclear bomb would explode later this evening, and we should prepare for the worst and say our goodbyes.

I looked at Arius.

He looked back and smiled.

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