Should teenagers have their own debit cards?

As Covid-19 transitions from pandemic to endemic, teenagers can now resume activities that they were unable to do the last two years due to the lockdowns.

This school holiday season, many teenagers will be going out with their friends. These days, many businesses prefer going cashless. Payments are made via credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallet.

Instead of receiving cash as pocket money or monthly allowances, parents should equip their teenagers with e-wallets or debit cards.

Teens will be able to have full access to their accounts, allowing them to deposit cash and check their balance.

This will teach them how to make good decisions on what they spend their money on.

Paying with debit cards gives teenagers a chance to have a sneak peek into adulthood before they own their own credit cards.

It also allows young adults to keep track of their expenditure. When they are low in debit, they will know it’s time to stop spending, and start saving.

Parents can also find out how their children are spending, and monitor how much is being spent.

Some banks also give cash rewards that would be transferred into their accounts if teenagers excelled in their studies. This may prompt the younger ones to work hard and focus on their studies.

Local banks offer some of these cards to teenagers.

Some parents may be hesitant, fearing their children may lose their debit cards. Parents must learn to trust their teens, as there are financial institutions that offer extra protection if a card is lost. Guardians also have access to these accounts.

In my opinion, every teenager should have a debit card as it helps them learn how to handle a credit card when they grow up.

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