Strange happenings at the witching hour

Three friends experience weird encounters early in the morning. Are they dreaming? If it is real, will they survive?


It was 3am when Charles awoke from a deep sleep.

He was coughing like crazy and ran to the bathroom where, to his amazement, he coughed up blood.

He stared in shock and decided he would have to go to the doctors later in the morning. He took some painkillers and tried to go back to sleep but found it challenging.

After a few hours, he felt a slight pressure on his chest.

He opened his eyes to see a pale girl with a snapped neck – as if someone broke it. Her eyes were gouged out.

She was wearing a high school uniform and sitting on his chest. Charles couldn’t move.

He thought he had sleep paralysis, but could move again as soon as the girl got up.

The girl walked to the corner of the room as if she was waiting for something to happen.

He felt the urge to cough again and did just that.

He coughed and coughed until he felt like he was coughing up his organs.

Charles felt something in his hands. He stared in shock as he suddenly realised he was actually coughing up his organs … and then, everything went black.


Lily had trouble sleeping and decided to go for a walk in the park. It was 3am.

As she was walking, she heard a branch snap behind her.

When she turned around, she saw a man dancing. He was looking at the sky and dancing the waltz.

She dismissed him and walked across the street to the other sidewalk.

Once there, she turned around to see the same man directly across the street from her.

She quickly walked away, without knowing that the man followed, waltzing slowly towards her.

When she turned around, she froze in shock. The man was crouching down in the light of the street lamp.

He stood, still looking up at the sky, slowly waltzing towards her.

When the man was a few inches away from Lily, he turned around, waltzing away, still looking at the sky.

When he was far away, she sighed with relief and continued her walk until she heard someone running behind her.

She turned around and saw the same man running towards her. She immediately ran away onto another road.

After several minutes, Lily stopped to look behind her and didn’t see the man. She sighed with relief and turned around. But, unfortunately, the man was right in front of her.


John was fast asleep, tired after a night of collecting candy during Halloween.

Suddenly, he woke up at 3am as he felt something on his chest.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a young girl with what looked like blood dripping from her eyes and mouth. She was wearing a dress covered in blood.

She was sitting on his chest, staring at him as if she was waiting for him to wake up.

John was terrified but decided to ask what she wanted. She replied: “All I want is for you to give me a treat.”

So he reached down and, from under his bed, grabbed a chocolate bar. He handed it to the girl.

“T-t-t-this treat?” he said, terrified he was not going to survive the encounter.

The girl smiled, grabbed the chocolate bar, and said: “Thanks, big brother!”

As she ran out of his room, John stared in shock as he realised that it was his younger sister the whole time.

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