The wall in Mary’s bedroom

Mary and her family were excited to move out of their old house.

They had moved most of their belongings to their new home. Before starting a new life, they wanted to wish goodbye to their former neighbours.

Mary and her family then drove to their new home, where they would spend their first night. It was a long drive. They only arrived at 11pm.

Mary, her siblings Lucy and Tom, and their parents, Sarah, and Lucas, were tired. What they craved most was a good night’s sleep.

They headed off to their rooms – for the first time in their lives, the siblings did not have to share a room.

They were all delighted. But in that happiness, no one knew that there was something special in the walls of Mary’s room.

The next day, they all got up very late. Lucy helped her mum make breakfast.

After a fun meal where they talked about their plans for the day, the parents went to get some groceries.

Lucy and Tom played in the back yard, but Mary wanted to arrange her room.

As she was moving her stuff around, she heard a noise behind one of the walls.

It sounded like people talking. She turned to see if her brother and sister were around, but no one was there.

Mary thought she had imagined the noise, so she continued to make up her room.

Suddenly, she heard the noise again. This time a little closer, but the voices were still muffled.

Intrigued, Mary stepped closer to the wall but could not understand what they were saying. It sounded like they were speaking in an ancient, foreign tongue.

She wondered how the noises could be coming from behind the wall.

The voices then stopped, but she heard some scraping sounds. Suddenly, Mary was overcome by a deep sense of foreboding.

Mary stood still, waiting for the voices again, but instead, she saw what looked like an opening in her wall.

She ran and hid under her blanket. She kept a tiny opening to see what was coming out of the wall.

Suddenly, her brother and sister burst into the room!

Mary was surprised. Tom and Lucy had a good laugh when they saw Mary’s expression.

They explained that they had found a staircase in the back yard and wanted to see where it led.

Tom and Lucy climbed up the staircase and came to a door. They opened the door. And it led to Mary’s room.

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