Top 10 movies to get you in the Deepavali spirit

Deepavali is never the same without that festive rush, the blissful feeling of being with loved ones and the jubilant celebrations of light, colour, and excitement.

That lively sensation doesn’t turn on by itself when Deepavali is right around the corner. Of course, the sight of family and friends, the smell of laddoos, and the classic Indian beats can stir emotions. So can movies.

Movies are like a platform that delivers the message of what Deepavali really is about. Today, Deepavali is more than a celebration of the victory of good against evil. It is also the celebration of connecting with loved ones, making the best of the moment, savouring the fun like there is no tomorrow, and hoping for brighter times. Movies do a distinctive job of highlighting that.

Here are our top movie suggestions to prepare for the upcoming festivities:

1. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

If you’re going to watch this iconic three-hour Hindi melodrama, prepare a large supply of tissue boxes and your favourite Deepavali snacks. This movie, also known as K3G, explores the themes of family ties, romance, and personal conflicts, while perfectly capturing the complete range of human emotions.

The movie revolves around Yash (portrayed by Amitabh Bachchan), a wealthy businessman, living in Delhi, and his sons, Rahul (played by Shah Rukh Khan) and Rohan (portrayed by Hrithik Roshan). In a traditional and patriarchal household, Yash disowns Rahul upon learning about his love and marriage to Anjali (played by Kajol), who comes from a lower class. A few years go by, and Rohan realises the family is falling apart because of Rahul’s absence. He decides to reunite the family.
2. Avvai Shanmugi

Want a more comedic yet dramatic movie? Then buckle up, because you’re about to experience an emotional rollercoaster. Avvai Shanmugi, a Tamil movie, has the perfect representation of how a family can reconcile in extraordinary ways.

This movie is about Pandian (Kamal Hassan), Janaki (Meena) and their daughter Bharathi. Janaki files for a divorce and the court gives her sole custody of Bharathi, whom Pandian can only meet once a week. Due to some problems, Pandian is no longer allowed to see Bharathi. He becomes desperate to see his daughter and decides to disguise himself as a nanny, named Avvai Shanmugi, for Janaki’s household. Sound a bit like Hollywood’s Mrs Doubtfire starring Robin Williams? To make things more complicated, Janaki’s father falls for Avvai Shanmugi/Pandian because he claims she looks like Janaki’s mother. You can imagine the chaos and conundrum that ensues.

3. Happy New Year

Although it is about the New Year, bear with us, this Hindi movie is still a go-to option. The thrill and excitement that each scene holds puts you on the edge of your seat as you wait for the story to unfold.

Happy New Year is about Charlie (Shah Rukh Khan), a boxing champ who plans a heist to steal rare diamonds from the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. He assembles a team, recruiting mascots Tammy (Boman Irani), Nandu (Abhishek Bachchan), Rohan (Vivaan Shah), and Jack (Sonu Sood). Their mission: exact revenge on Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff), who betrayed Charlie’s father. To enter Dubai’s Atlantis Hotel for the heist, they take part in a dance competition. Struggling to find a dance tutor, Nandu introduces them to Mohini Joshi (Deepika Padukone). When the team learns of Charlie’s motives, they unite to execute the heist and accomplish their mission.
4. 3 Idiots

This movie never fails to convince the viewer to embrace life with positivity. 3 Idiots is a feel-good Hindi movie where a free-spirited, quick-witted university student named Rancho (Aamir Khan) befriends Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan), an avid photographer who pursues engineering to please his father, and Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi), who fears failure and yearns to overcome his family’s poverty. Rancho provides a positive outlook with his slogan “All is well”, and adds a sense of fun to their lives in a college that is run by a tyrant principal. After the chaos and memories of college, Rancho disappears. His friends travel in search of their friend.

5. Santosh Subramaniam 

This Tamil comedy-drama expresses the importance of family, friendship, love and goals from the perspective of Santosh (Jayam Ravi), an easy-going young man, as he struggles to keep a mature image of himself for his successful businessman father while striving to maintain his love affair with the girl of his dreams (Genelia Deshmukh). Whatever peace Santosh has been trying to keep is wrecked the moment his family learns the truth. When Haasini, Santhosh’s happy-go-lucky, fun-filled lover, arrives at Santosh’s house to stay for a week to prove that she is worthy of Santhosh, she turns things around in their house in good and bad ways.

Chaos is bad most of the time. But in this movie, it is the chaos that stimulates the realisation that making compromises can elicit happiness. And Deepavali is about happiness, isn’t it?
6. Varisu
Here’s a sentimental Tamil movie with some offbeat humour which was released not too long ago. Just like the other movies on our list, this one is deeply connected to family bonds. The message clearly is “Family comes first”. Vijay (Thalapathy Vijay) is the third son of wealthy businessman Rajendran (R. Sarathkumar), who is disowned and thrown out of the house once he refuses to join the family business along with his two brothers.

One day, Vijay returns. When he does, he realises that his house is falling apart. With his brothers competing to take over as head of the company, he realises that he has to do something to save the family. With his girlfriend Divya (Rashmika Mandanna), Vijay takes it upon himself to preach the light during the darkest, dreariest times in his household.

7. Oh My Kadavule

This Tamil movie will make you realise that friendship is gold. We’re talking about one of those rare, deep, crazy connections between three friends who have known each other since school. They are Arjun Marimuthu (Ashok Selvan), Anu Arjun (Ritika Singh) and Mani (Sha Ra). At some point, Anu and Arjun learn the hard way that marrying your best friend is not the best idea.

They face all sorts of miscommunication and complications until they come to a decision to end it officially. Before their divorce, Arjun is given one chance to fix that one incident in the past so that he can follow a different, possibly better, route in life, with the help of God. But maybe, just maybe, all that chaos is worth it to be with the one he loves?

8. Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven

This is another family-based Tamil movie, revolving around Aadhi (Silambarasan TR), the grandson of a rich, yet unhappy businessman. Aadhi’s grandfather wishes to reconcile with his daughter, Nandhini (Ramya Krishnan), whom he chased out of the house after she defied him and married her lover.

Aadhi takes it upon himself to reunite Nandhini and her father. He goes to Nandhini’s house where he is hired as a driver named Raja. There, chaos ensues as he strives to maintain his cover, keep the plan going, and resist his love for one of Nandhini’s daughters.
9. Bangalore Days

This sentimental yet fun-filled drama will get your interest. The story centres on three close cousins: Kunju (played by Nazriya Nazim), Kuttan (Nivin Pauly),  and Aju (Dulquer Salmaan). Kunju, compelled by astrological predictions, marries the workaholic Shivadas, while Kuttan falls for air hostess Meenakshi, only to be heartbroken by her betrayal. Aju, a bike mechanic, befriends radio jockey Sarah, who eventually decides to stay in Bangalore with him.

Amidst personal struggles, Kunju discovers Shivadas’ secret past and helps him confront it. Kuttan’s mother embraces modern Indian culture and heads to America. Aju wins a race and realises his love for Sarah. Finally, Kuttan finds love. This movie will put a smile on your face.

10. Eega

What about a more extraordinary film? Maybe about reincarnation, except as an animal? This Telugu movie is about going the distance to get true love back.

Sudeep (played by Sudeep Sanjeev) is a well-known industrialist with an eye for attractive women and the ability to get whatever he wants. When Sudeep meets Bindu, a micro artist who manages a non-profit organisation, that desire is sparked. Nani (played by Nani), on the other hand, adores Bindu and follows her everywhere. Bindu enjoys the attention, but she doesn’t tell him that she loves him. Sudeep learns about Bindu’s feelings for Nani and that’s where there’s a plot twist.

This thoughtfully selected list of the Top 10 Indian films offers a delightful cinematic experience to get you in the mood for Deepavali. These films, which range from timeless classics to modern masterpieces, perfectly convey the essence of love, family, and celebration, fitting in perfectly with the vibrant cultural atmosphere of the Festival of Lights.

These films provide the ideal balance of cultural immersion and entertainment, whether you’re drawn to exciting historical tales, touching family sagas, or thrilling romances.

We hope you enjoy watching these cinematic gems and that the happiness, laughter, and camaraderie they portray will permeate your Deepavali celebrations. We wish you a Deepavali that is full of magical movie moments and treasured time with family and friends.

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