74-year-old Tang Weng Choy inspires between the posts

When Tang Weng Choy, who turned 74 on Sept 9, is not at home watching the television, he will be on the field manning the posts for amateur football league team Beluga FC.

Tang is no professional footballer. He played the sport during his younger days but stopped after he got married and raised a family.

Some 50-odd years later, football boots are part of the assortment on Tang’s shoe rack.

“The secret (to still actively playing football) … I play for fun. It’s a pastime.

“I’m the goalkeeper and play throughout the match. When you enjoy the game, you don’t think about your age,” said Tang in jest.

Beluga FC plays in the Masters Football League and is currently in second spot, behind Desa Hartamas FC.

So what motivated Tang to get back on the field?

“It was my wife. She said instead of watching television, it would be better if I went out and exercised. So I took up football.

“She’s been supportive. My son Ricky also plays as a goalkeeper for the team,” added Tang who used to put up advertising signages.

But amateur football has come to a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There has not been any competitive football action since March as contact sports are still not allowed due to the Conditional Movement Control Order.

“No football but I’ve been exercising at home. Pumping, sit-ups.

“Don’t ask me how many pumping (reps) I do lah, I don’t count. When I feel tired I stop, then I continue again.”

He hopes to see more youngsters active outdoors.

“These days, most of them like to be indoors, in their rooms playing video games. They should come out and sweat it out. It’s good for them,” he added.

Tang is an inspiration indeed!

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