Aspiring surgeon K. Kabir, Royal Pahang to compete in 1st Malaysia Youth Polo Tournament

K. Kabir has only been riding for two years. He only started playing polo after conquering his fear of falling off a horse.

He is now preparing to compete in his first polo tournament – the 1st Malaysia Youth Polo Tournament at the Selangor Polo Club this weekend.

“Initially, the fear of falling from the horse played a big role in preventing me from cantering and going after the ball during the ‘Instructional Chukkas’,” said
Kabir, a third-year medical student who aspires to be a surgeon.

“I eventually conquered that fear and realised that it was part of the game.

“That is what makes polo fun. It taught me to muster up the courage to chase the opponent while they sprinted with the horse, without the fear of crashing into them, or falling,” he added.

Joining Kabir in the tournament is Amirul Aimann. The Ipoh lad recently started training with the Kuala Lumpur Academy of Polo.

“I am in love with the sport. The adrenaline rush when I chase and fight for the ball, the satisfaction when I score a goal, and also the frustration when I miss a goal,” said Amirul, who stables two horses at the Selangor Polo Club.

“I love every part of it. I have many rivals this year and have to train even harder.”

The youth tournament is gaining lots of traction from polo clubs around the country, including from Pahang.

Royal Pahang is sending five apprentices – Tengku Putra Arjuna, Nik Amar Amsyar, Alif Ashraf, Wan Mohammad Mukhriz and Muhammad Faiz Rizqy.

There is also some international flavour with Royal Brunei’s Abdullah Amirul Azli, Abdullah Afiq Farid, and Muhammad Basyiir Hardy Sufardi.

Others include Canadian Julian Lancia and Nala Bosveld of the Netherlands, based at KL Academy of Polo, and Singapore-based German, Marie Christine Fuchs.

The 1st Malaysia Youth Polo Tournament will also raise money and awareness for the World Wildlife Fund’s Tiger Conservation Fund.