BAM plans reward system for coaches

Here’s a fact not many fans may know about badminton players in Malaysia – when a shuttler wins a tournament, he or she gets to keep all 100 per cent of the prize money.

In addition, the winning athletes who train under the BA of Malaysia (BAM) will receive a match bonus.

“The match bonus will depend on the level of the competition. There’s also their monthly allowances,” explained BAM general-secretary Datuk Kenny Goh, who is also the national body’s coaching and training committee chairman.

“While the players receive their well-deserved earnings, we are working on a reward system for the coaches.”

Datuk Kenny Goh
Goh says this is part of the national body’s way of acknowledging the good work of its coaches. Image by Twentytwo13

He added that at present, the coaches received a one-off payment for the success of their athletes. And that too, is based on the level of the tournament.

“The coaching and training committee oversees the training programmes … We ensure the coaches adhere to the periodisation plans. Every coach must come up with a short-, medium-, and long-term plan for their athletes,” said Goh.

“The committee will review the plans quarterly and see if changes to the plans are required.”

Goh said the work of the coaching and training committee is both challenging and satisfying.

“It can be challenging as we are dealing with something that is dynamic. We are handling athletes, and we have to look at many factors, like their physical state, and emotions.

“It is also satisfying, especially when the players progress. That is indeed rewarding.”

He added that coaches played an extremely important role in developing good players.

“We always remind the coaches how important they are.

“When there is success, we praise the coaches, but the coaches themselves know their roles, and know what they need to achieve. Sometimes, it’s a challenge for them as it boils down to the players.”

Goh said it was important for players to earn a living, but they must remember that by donning the national colours, they become ambassadors for the nation.

“And it is the role of the coaching and training committee to give the players all the support that they need, whether it is administrative, or logistics. We will sort all that out, so that the players will only need to concentrate on their game.”

He added his committee has an appraisal system for the coaches.

“This appraisal system is objective. When it comes towards the end of their contracts, we will study their appraisal, and that will determine if their contracts will be extended or not,” he said.