Budding golfer determined to See success

See Kim Seng and See Wye

While multiple studies worldwide have shown more and more girls are dropping out of sports as they age, one parent is bent on ensuring his daughter excels in golf.

Former national footballer See Kim Seng is bullish his youngest daughter See Wye could be the next big thing in golf and is determined to ensure she gets all the support to fly high.

“I wish I had taken up golf when I was young,” said See in jest.

See Wye, who turns 12 on Aug 29, has achieved a lot since she first picked up a club four years ago.

A regular face in the SportsExcel Junior Golf Circuit, the SJKC Subang student has managed podium finishes in a series of competitions, including winning the third leg at Bukit Kemuning, and being the runner-up in the first and second legs and the SportExcel Premier Elite first leg.

See Wye
She is the youngest of five siblings with her elder sisters being See Min, See Man, See Moon and See Won.

See Wye’s love for golf started at Kelab Rekreasi Tentera Udara in Shah Alam. See has been playing golf since quitting football and even coaches some 20-odd students at the Desa Driving Range in Shah Alam.

It was only natural for him to introduce the sport to his youngest princess.

See Wye
See Wye in action when she was eight years old.

“I tried to get my other daughters involved but they complained it was too hot. See Wye was different. She didn’t complain about the heat at all!” recalled See.

“I knew she had it in her by the way she swings the club. She is a tough girl too … a natural talent.”

See and his family have every reason to be proud of See Wye as besides golf, the young talent is also into rhythmic gymnastics.

She has enjoyed podium finishes in several events, including the Vitrigo International Championship, Pesta Gimnastik (champion, group exercise) and the Selangor Schools Sports Council (MSSS) competition.

See Wye
See Wye also dazzles on the floor.

See said it was crucial for parents to be supportive of their young ones to ensure they excelled in life.

“I do see more parents encouraging their children to pick up golf and that’s good. I play my part too by getting more kids to sign up and play golf. It’s important as more children play sports, we will see more talents out there,” he added.

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