Champions League final an experience of a lifetime for KL Kopites members

Six KL Kopites fans experienced their first Champions League final last week, but ultimately left the Stade de France in Paris heartbroken, after their team – Liverpool – lost 1-0 to Real Madrid.

Despite the loss, KL Kopites president Sashidaran Nair said he and the five others – Kenny Moey, Julie Tay, Rajespall Singh, Jaspal Singh and Siva Gunesparan – would never forget the trip.

“I have watched many matches at Anfield, and even attended the 2019 semifinal against Roma at Stadio Olimpico in Rome,” said Sashidaran.

“But we were so excited to witness our first Champions League final. Although the ticket prices were exorbitant – £5,000 each – it was a great experience.”

Prices for tickets vary from €70 (£59.40) to €690 (£585.70). However, many fans were left upset as resellers were making a killing.

“The number of Liverpool supporters from the airport to the city centre was astonishing. It was such a great atmosphere, truly, Liverpool fans painted Paris ‘Red’.”

Sashidaran said although KL Kopites was the only ‘Official Supporters Club of Liverpool’ from Malaysia that made the trip to Paris, he bumped into many other Malaysians at the Fan Zone.

“We were at the Fan Zone five hours before the match. We met Liverpool fans from around the world, including other Malaysians, singing, and partying,” said the businessman.

“Although many had no tickets, they had travelled to the city to experience the fun. It was an amazing atmosphere.”

The six KL Kopites spent two hours at the Fan Zone before heading to the stadium. It was a wise decision as they managed to avoid the mad congestion at the entrances that resulted in a 36-minute delay to kick-off.

Sashidaran said they had no issues getting in, and he was glad their tickets came directly from UEFA.

As for the final itself, Sashidaran said the highly tactical match could have swung in Liverpool’s way if not for Real’s goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. The stopper was named Man of the Match for his heroics.

“Despite the defeat, watching the two greatest clubs in Champions League history battling for the top prize for the second time in five years was an experience to savour,” he said.

But the best was yet to come, as less than 24 hours later, the six of them were at Liverpool city centre to join in the trophy parade.

They were among the 500,000 fans that cheered the team that had won the League and FA Cups.

“The champions’ parade is something every Liverpool fan must experience.

“It was more like a party on every street corner. The final stretch at The Strand and Albert Dock was so emotional. I had goosebumps.

“You feel you are part of the Scouse family. Amazing.”

And like the lyrics to Liverpool’s famous anthem, You’ll Never Walk Alone, Sashidaran walks on with hope in his heart that The Reds will come back stronger next season.

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