Cub Prix teams to pay riders monthly salary

Riders competing in the Malaysian Cub Prix Championship received good news this week as they will now be assured of a monthly salary.

In light of the challenging Covid-19 pandemic where all races had been forcibly halted, the team bosses agreed to replace the old-fashioned race allowances which are paid race by race.

In a meeting between the CP150 team principals on Monday, the main stakeholders of the Malaysian Cub Prix Championship agreed to implement a series of sustainability measures designed to carry the sport through this critical time.

The meeting was attended by Honda RCB SOLARALERT Cilik Team, Petronas Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor, Ipone Yamaha YY Pang, Idemitsu Honda Yuzy Racing, Hi-Rev SCK Honda Racing and Petronas Sprinta Yamaha-CKJ Racing.

The teams agreed to build in a minimum wage buffer for their CP150 riders in the form of a monthly salary.

“For now, the reform will be concentrated solely on the CP150 class because this is the professional class where the riders are racing fulltime,” said Shahrol Yuzy Ahmad Zaini, the spokesperson of the group.

“The idea of the minimum wage is to ensure riders continue to receive some form of salary if races are cancelled. We need to help each other during tough times.”

However, Yuzy stressed that the minimum wage will not replace the performance bonuses which form the bulk of a rider’s income.

While there is still no start date in sight for the Malaysian Cub Prix Championship, Ron Hogg, the director of Safe Aim Mutual whose company runs the series, hopes competition will resume next month, pending approval from the government.

He had, on the The RSS with HD talk show last month, said that his company, sponsors, clients and partners have agreed to host the event behind closed doors. To control the crowd, Ron added they also plan to cut the number of rounds from 10 to eight as they won’t be using the street circuits.

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