Cut bureaucracy in sports

Numerous foreign sports officials have made a living in Malaysia, yet many wonder if the locals have learnt anything from these experts.

This was among the question posed on The RSS with HD aired over the weekend as the fifth episode touched on the subject of bureaucracy in Malaysian sports.

The RSS with HD is a weekly sports-centric talk show.

“Each time we hire someone and we pay them big bucks, what happens then, where is KPI, where is the transfer of knowledge?” asked Twentytwo13 editor Haresh Deol.

“You bring in a foreign expert to learn from the expert but here you bring the expert, you suppress the expert and when the expert leaves, all you have done is wasted a whole lot of money.”

Host Rashid Salleh added that at times the foreign experts are blamed for the failure despite not being able to call the shots.

The duo also spoke about the difference in emolument when it comes to foreign and local experts, stressing there should be a standardised pay structure based on one’s resume and capabilities instead of skin colour.

They also highlighted claims that the National Sports Council seems to interfere with how sports is run in the country.

This can be avoided if sports associations stand on their own and need hunger for funds from the government agency.

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