Denice ‘The Menace Fairtex’ doesn’t fear Shadowcat

Filipina martial arts exponent Denice ‘The Menace Fairtex’ Zamboanga can’t wait to make her ONE Championship debut when she faces Malaysia’s Jihin ‘Shadowcat’ Radzuan at the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.

Zamboanga has been hard at work, training in Pattaya, Thailand, since April, at the famed Fairtex gym alongside ONE Atomweight Muay Thai and Kickboxing world champion Stamp Fairtex.

The Menace started her martial arts journey under the tutelage of her brother Drex Zamboanga.

Witnessing her brother’s growth and success, she decided to follow his footsteps and become a professional mixed martial artist.

Drex is a champion in the regional Philippines promotion circuit.

“I initially learned karate from Drex but I wanted to learn more and make my skills world-class. That made me decide to train in Fairtex,” Zamboanga said ahead of tomorrow’s ONE: Mark of Greatness.

“The Fairtex gym produces world champions, and I’m impressed with how their athletes perform on the international stage.

“I love the type of training and the facilities they offer. I have a lot of female sparring partners, which I had difficulty finding back home.”

During her time at Fairtex, Zamboanga developed a special bond with Stamp.

.“Stamp is like a sister to me and my best friend,” Zamboanga said.

“It’s like finding your long lost twin. We do the same training programme, eat out, and go to the water park.

“She is humble, hardworking, strong, and I love her determination. That’s the quality of the fighter I aspire to be.”

With the motivation to become a world-class athlete and a future world champion like Stamp, Zamboanga is determined to give her all against Jihin.

“I want to make my mark in the world of martial arts, and I believe that this huge decision of moving to Thailand and training with the rest of the Fairtex team will help me achieve my goals.

“I will definitely give my best as my gratitude to my second family.”

Jihin, meanwhile, said she is battle-ready despite taking this fight on short notice.

“This is the seventh bout of my career, so I think I am getting used to life as a martial artist,” she laughed.

“Jokes aside, it has been quite an intense training camp because I took the bout on pretty short notice.

“But luckily, even during the off-season, I am training in preparation for a bout. Generally, I am always learning new skills, always sharpening my weaknesses and I am feeling great.”

Jihin has a 5-1 professional record in her young career but has never lost on home ground.