Double treat – Perfect ending for Astro’s Euro 2020 co-hosts, Copa final to be aired ‘live’

Football fans are in for a double treat. Not only can they watch the final of Euro 2020 (Monday, 3am), Astro is also showing the finale of Copa America (Sunday, 8am).

While Astro has been showing all the Euro 2020 matches, the bonus of watching Neymar and Lionel Messi as Brazil and Argentina battle to be champion of South America is much appreciated.

The passion and Latin flair will surely shine through as Brazil look to defend the title it won two years ago, while Messi goes in search of his first title with La Albiceleste.

Over in the Euro, co-hosts England and Italy battle at Wembley Stadium. For the record, this was the first time in history the tournament was held in 11 countries.

The final is a fitting ending for Astro Arena’s Euro 2020 co-hosts Nafis Abdullah and R. Rueben Thevandran as they are fans of Italy and England, respectively.

Rueben (left) and Nafis.

Surprisingly, or perhaps scared to jinx their teams, neither predicted Italy or England would be in the final.

But now that it has happened, here is what they have to say:

Nafis, aka Botak

Prediction: Italy 2 England 1

“Italy is experiencing the best form in its history – unbeaten in 33 games. It has never done that before. The players are determined to make up for their failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.

I am confident they can pull off the victory as the players have pledged to win it for Leonardo Spinazzola.

Spinazzola’s tournament came to an early end after he ruptured his Achilles tendon in the quarterfinal against Belgium on Friday.”

Rueben, aka Burn

Prediction: Italy 0 England 1

“It is time to shut the critics up. They have so many haters, but England can do it this time.

England has had many great players and teams in the past. The ‘golden generation’ (2001-2007), sadly, failed to win anything. That contributed to the hate.

It has been 55 years since an English side reached a major final – 1966 World Cup. They won it then, and they repeated the trick on home ground.

It’s coming home!”