‘Efforts to turn FA to FC should have been done 20 years ago’

It’s a conversation that should have taken place 20 years ago.

So says Syed Adney Syed Hussein as the FA of Malaysia (FAM) embarks on a journey to turn FAs in FCs for the coming M-League season.

The former national goalkeeper, however, admitted it was not an easy task as the domestic football scene sees two different extremes of management capabilities.

“When I was in Kelantan they had a good project, they had the best players. We won the Malaysia Cup (in 2010) and seasons after that the team won the (Super) league (2011, 2012),” said Syed Adney, during the talk show The RSS with HD over the weekend.

“But look at Kelantan now … from a championship winning side to facing financial woes.”

He quickly turned his attention to Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT), rating the southern outfit as among the best teams in the region.

“Look at JDT 15 years ago, and look at them now … there’s a massive difference.”

He added the same song was sung every season where teams owed salaries.

Asked about FAM’s effort to turn FAs into FCs, he said: “It’s been a few good years to privatise the teams. Ultimatums were given but most teams didn’t comply.

“I’m not sure if the football administrators are ready or not. Some teams are ready, some aren’t.

“Until they are ready to find their own financial capability, they won’t be ready.”

Syed Adney, however, admitted the standard of football has improved.

“The younger players like Safawi Rashid have plenty of potential.”

Syed Adney, who turns 34 in November, also spoke on the talk show about his brief appearance with M3 team Ikram Muda FC before the Movement Control Order kicked in on March 18 and life as a football comentator-cum-pundit.

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