European Swimming League adopts SIGA’s rating, verification system for better governance

The European Swimming League (LEN) will implement the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) Universal Standards on Sport Integrity, and go through the SIGA Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS) process.

The decision follows the recent announcement by LEN’s newly elected president, António José Silva, that good governance and integrity would be placed at the very top of the organisation’s list of priorities.

“Good governance, transparency and accountability are absolutely essential for us at LEN,” said Silva.

“We are committed to step up and bring our sport and our organisation into a new era. We are a proud founding member of SIGA, and are committed to implementing the SIGA Universal Standards, and go through its independent rating and certification process without any further delay.”

He added that this was key to improving the way LEN governed itself, and strengthening the organisation’s relations with its members, fans, and commercial partners.

“This is what I promised our member associations, and this is what, today, we have set in motion,” Silva added.

SIRVS is an integral part of SIGA’s ecosystem to bring sports into a new era of enhanced governance, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

The verification and rating system is to assess and rate the sports organisation’s level of implementation of, and compliance with, the SIGA Universal Standards on Good Governance in Sport, Sports Betting Integrity, Financial Integrity in Sport, and Youth Development and Child Protection in Sport.

LEN is the second European sports competition organiser to subject itself to SIRVS, after the European Rugby League. Other organisations that will sign up for the system soon included the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, Uefa, Liga Portugal, Qatar Stars League, and the Portuguese Olympic Committee.

SIGA global chief executive officer Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros commended LEN for adopting the SIGA Universal Standards.

“Going through SIRVS is exactly what is expected of an organisation that wants to lead by example, and deserves the recognition of the fans, sponsors, broadcasters and the entire sporting industry,” said de Medeiros.

“They invest their passion, their money, and their trust, in sports. They deserve nothing less.

“With this decision, LEN is sending a powerful signal to the world of sport, and the entire business community. I haven’t the slightest doubt that they will be heard, loud and clear,” he added.

SIGA is the world’s largest coalition in the field of sports governance and integrity. The Geneva-based organisation is supported by over 100 international, multi-industry supporters.

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