Ex-All England champ Hafiz tells off parents who take aim at coaches

Former All England Open champion Hafiz Hashim has always wanted to tell overzealous parents not to interfere in their children’s training.

He finally took to Facebook today to do exactly that, telling off parents who whine about coaches on social media when their children fail to perform.

Nowadays, saya lihat byk ibubapa menggunakan platform FB/IG terutamanya, utk meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati mereka…

Posted by Muhammad Hafiz Hashim on Monday, 25 January 2021

“It’s the Movement Control Order. I’ve been at home and finally have time to pen my thoughts,” Hafiz said this afternoon.

“It’s a general statement. It’s the same in almost every sport, not just badminton.”

Hafiz said his parents never interfered when he and his brother Roslin – a former world No 1 shuttler – were training in their younger days.

“If we lost, they (parents) blamed us. They never blamed our coaches. At the end of the day, it’s the player who is playing, not the coach.”

He added when parents ridiculed coaches on social media, their children would read it and lose respect for their coaches.

Hafiz admitted coaches do make mistakes but the same goes for parents.

“Don’t tell me as parents you don’t make mistakes? Your child is your responsibility and you have the final say.

“If parents think they don’t see any improvement in a child’s performance, they must find out why and not just blame the coaches.

“Sometimes, parents think they know it all. They should train their children.

“If their child doesn’t make it, they will say he or she has no potential or is lazy. Why don’t they blame themselves on social media too?”

He urged parents to speak to coaches instead of pointing fingers.

“The best way for a child to succeed is for parents not to get involved in training and let coaches do their jobs.”