Ffira Mikah Mini Stadium? What were you even thinking?

Ffira Mikah Mini Stadium. That was the name stated at the entrance, at the roof and on a plaque of the refurbished mini stadium in Padang Terap, Kedah.

What on earth were the decision makers thinking?

Sinar Harian, in its exclusive today, quoted Padang Terap District Officer Hakim Ariff Md Noor as denying that the name of the venue was a reverse of his name.

I’ll be polite and will give him the benefit of the doubt.

But here’s where it gets beyond silly. His justification.

Hakim was quoted as saying: “In Spanish or Greek, Ffira means greatness while in Arabic Mikah means angel.”

Whoa. Suddenly Mr Padang Terap is all international.

I don’t know Spanish or Greek and naturally went online to find out more about the word ‘Ffira’. I can’t seem to find any word in Spanish or Greek that is remotely close to Ffira.

The name was proposed (by whom I wonder) and selected during an administration meeting. Now let’s not just penalise Hakim alone but the whole lot who actually agreed to the name. They should be named and shamed!

In fact, the whole lot should be given an education about sports. Padang Terap has a hero – in the form of former pole vault star Roslinda Samsu.

The Olympian made the country proud by qualifying, on merit, to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She was the silver medallist at the 2006 Doha Asian Games and four-time SEA Games gold medallist.

SK Padang Terap, in fact, recognised the achievements of its former pupil by naming her as the school’s icon in 2017.

Now imagine Stadium Mini Roslinda Samsu – a beautiful Malaysian name instead of some Ffira Mikah? And mini stadiums are not just for football, ya.

Oh wait, for the little Napoleons in the Padang Terap District Council, a Spanish, Greek and Arabic name sounds better.

It was a stupid decision. Period.

And this stupidity comes at a price as the stadium’s name will be changed to Kuala Nerang Mini Stadium – resulting in paying contractors more money to change the name at the entrance, at the roof and removing the plaque.

Oh God …