Fight For Change 2019: Test of guts, says ex-squash star

Haresh and Sharon

Sharon Wee had a stellar squash career, representing Malaysia for over 20 years in all the major events.

She then joined Astro Arena in 2011 and has forged a respectable career as a broadcast journalist, pundit and host besides being a media consultant and motivational speaker.

The 42-year-old from Melaka, is also an advocate for teaching children about sports and is a supporter of the Fight For Change 2019 which takes place on Nov 23 at the Cobra Club, Petaling Jaya.

Fight For Change aims to change the way people, especially the young, view mixed martial arts. It is also aimed at helping to protect the welfare of journalists.

Co-organised by Twentytwo13 and Malaysia Mixed Martial Arts Association (MASMMAA), the event is supported by the National Press Club of Malaysia (NPC). Proceeds from the sale of tickets will be channeled towards NPC’s Journalist Welfare Fund and MASMMAA’s youth development fund.

The fight will see Twentytwo13 co-founder and editor Haresh Deol face professional fighter Shareh ‘The Jeneral’ Nasrullah of Lekir Fitness and MMA Academy.

“It is a fantastic event and the objectives are very clear – to promote MMA, especially to school children.

“It is to show that it is not as dangerous as perceived as they will be shown the proper technique with good guidance,” said Wee.

She was also touched to see Haresh, who used to interview her when she was an athlete, putting his body on the line by fighting a professional in ‘The Jeneral’.

“It takes guts to do something like this, more so since he is also fighting for the welfare of journalists.”

Wee said it was not easy for her to make the transition from an athlete to a journalist and said it would be similar for Haresh.

“I’ve known him for more than half my life and getting the chance to interview him ahead of his fight was a little weird,” laughed Wee.

“At least he now knows a little deeper what sacrifices athletes have to make to succeed.

Fight for Change 2019

She added Fight For Change was a great initiative by Twentytwo13.

“Sometimes it takes a spark to light up the movement and instead of just talking about helping, you all are actually doing something about it.”

She added athletes and journalists need each other and Fight For Change is the perfect platform to combine them.

Fight For Change tickets are being sold for RM50 per ticket. To purchase your ticket, email