Five reasons Selangor FA should forget Shah Alam Stadium

Shah Alam Stadium opened to much fanfare in 1994, but 26 years down the line, it is in dire need of a makeover.

For now, the Selangor football team will play its Super League matches at the UiTM Stadium, sharing the venue with UiTM FC.

Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari, a diehard Liverpool supporter who is rejoicing in his team’s English Premier League title victory, admitted it will cost RM30 million to repair the Shah Alam Stadium roof and to fix the electrical wiring.

“It, however, will cost about RM250 million to modernise Shah Alam Stadium. It is an old stadium (opened in 1994) and much needs to be done.

“I’m open to Selangor playing anywhere until Shah Alam Stadium is ready,” Amirudin said after officiating at the launch of Liverpool’s first Nike kit at Football Republic Sunway Pyramid yesterday.

Amirudin believes Shah Alam is still the best venue for the state football team but is open to the Red Giants playing elsewhere until the creaking Shah Alam Stadium is completely overhauled – probably by 2022 or 2023.

“I feel it is better for the team to be closer to the city centre. PJ City Stadium would be the best choice but for now, we are playing at UiTM.”

While he is adamant Shah Alam is the perfect venue for the Red Giants, here are five reasons the Red Giants should consider leaving Shah Alam Stadium for good.

The state owns it

Sadly, for a footballing giant, Selangor FA doesn’t own its stadium. As such, Shah Alam Stadium has been used for other events, such as athletic meets and even concerts.

Not easy to get to

There is no proper public transportation to the stadium.

Smaller but more intimidating

Yes, Shah Alam Stadium is a grand venue but what’s the point of an 80,000 capacity stadium if only a few thousand (if that) turn up? Imagine a packed 10,000 UiTM Stadium roaring its support for the men in red and yellow?

Sharing is caring

Petaling Jaya City Stadium has a capacity of 25,000 which is good enough for Selangor and the PJ City FC. If AC Milan and Inter Milan can share a stadium, why not these two? Similarly, Selangor could consider making UiTM Stadium its permanent home venue too.

Horrible WiFi

The lousy WiFi makes it a dead zone for members of the press covering matches there.