Forget salary caps, M-League teams should just spend within their means

Football teams in the M-League should stop spending lavishly on footballers if they don’t have the means.

Insisting on a salary cap will not help either as it will be disadvantageous for teams that are financially sound.

Twentytwo13 editor Haresh Deol, in his column in Getaran on Thursday, was referring to comments made by Kedah FA president Muhammad Sanusi Md Noor.

Muhammad Sanusi said last week that paying footballers high salaries will kill the football industry in the country.

The Kedah Menteri Besar pointed out that a salary of RM70,000 a month was too expensive for a sports association or private entity running the state team.

Haresh said teams shouldn’t get caught up in the race to buy expensive footballers and that the worth of a footballer is not just based on the athlete’s on-field capabilities.

“Footballers are not just valuable assets on the field. They can also play a valuable role off-field and bait sponsors,” he wrote.

“Teams that have worked hard to raise their profile shouldn’t be held back by teams with poor administrative abilities.”

He said the best solution is for teams to buy players they can afford to ensure financially sustainable in the long run.

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