Get a TrueStart at Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk

TrueStart Coffee, the world’s first coffee for athletes, has come on board to give a boost to Twentytwo13‘s Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk Fun Run 2018.

Zeid Alqadri, chief caffeinator of Kopized Niaga – TrueStart Coffee’s country distributor in Malaysia – said it was keen to support Twentytwo13‘s event by providing hot and cold TrueStart coffee to participants of the fun run.

“TrueStart provides the regulated and predictable natural caffeine boost and the additional energy to people to do what they love.”

“I reckon the participants are moved by the name of the event and we would like to do our part in helping them finish the run strongly,” said Zeid.

Zeid, an active cager, added it was the name of the run that caught his attention and he decided they had to be part of the event.

Zeid Alqadri
Zeid was attracted by the name of the 5km fun run.

TrueStart Coffee is a Bristol-based startup and one of the fastest growing young brands in the UK. It has been in Malaysia since early last year and can be purchased online at Lazada and Shopee.

TrueStart Coffee
TrueStart Coffee is the fastest growing young brands in the UK.

Zeid said the regulated natural caffeine content in TrueStart Coffee allows you to get just the right boost to get through your day without the crash and without jeopardising your good night’s sleep later on.

Over 800 participants are set to take part in Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk Fun Run 2018 at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur this Sunday, including those from Istana Negara‘s welfare and sports club.

Organised by news website Twentytwo13, Sila Lari, Jangan Duduk Fun Run 2018 is a 5km run supported by the Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur Athletics Association (FTKLAA). Other supporters are F&N Beverages, Kuckreja & Co, Mesuma Sports Sdn Bhd, and Genesis Healthcare Group.

The name of the run is a play of words on what Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V, who had just before officiating the Dewan Rakyat session after the change in government, said: “Sila duduk, jangan lari”, referring to the opposition MPs who staged a walkout a day earlier.