Isn’t there anyone else besides Hamidin for FAM?

Datuk Hamidin Amin remains the only one who can seemingly lead the FA of Malaysia (FAM) as he will be president of the national body for another term.

Hamidin was unopposed when nominations for the March 13 elections closed last week.

In his Thursday column with the newly launched news website Getaran, Twentytwo13 editor Haresh Deol stressed that Hamidin “won” not because he was the best but because there was no choice.

“Who else can garner the support of the affiliates if not Hamidin? Who else can tolerate the antics of the affiliates who mostly comprise politicians (or politician wannabes) if not Hamidin?

“Some fans question why there are no new faces to lead FAM? The answer is simple: It’s due to the current system which has been inherited from decades ago.”

Haresh also pointed out that when a new face intends to make a difference, there will be those who will attack the person by questioning his or her intentions.

“Change can only be seen if the landscape of Malaysian football is changed from the grassroots to the top. There is a need to rid the mentality of administrating football in a conservative way. The affiliates must realise that they play a big and extensive role in developing and promoting football,” Haresh wrote.

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