Kau Git Kaur breaks silence as he demands monies from MGF

Kau Git Kaur

Malaysian Gymnastics Federation (MGF) deputy president Kau Git Kaur is seeking to clear his name and claim money “owed to him” by the national body.

Kau, who in January was implicated in an alleged drug-fuelled party, said he is unhappy with the way MGF suspended him based on news reports and did not call for an inquiry.

He has also sent a lawyer’s letter to MGF over monies he claimed the national body owes him since 2014. He is seeking RM1 million inclusive of interest.

MGF suspended Kau after news broke of his arrest with president Rachel Lau citing clauses 11.1.1, 11.1.2, 11.1.3 and 12.2 of the MGF constitution relating to discipline and dismissal of members.

“I’m upset that the MGF president made slanderous comments about me to the media,” said Kau, who won Malaysia’s first-ever SEA Games gold medal in gymnastics in 1991.

“I reserve the right to take action against her as she had, among others, said I was intoxicated during a council meeting.

“I am still suspended as deputy president but what I’m more upset about is the way it was done and also the fact Rachel refuses to acknowledge MGF owes me money.”

Kau said Lau claimed the accounts showed the debts were settled but the amount owed to him was recorded in an MGF meeting.

“It is in the minutes. Something is not right if the minutes and accounts do not tally.

“My lawyer has sent two letters to MGF. Rachel and the association have not replied. I have told my lawyer to move forward as it is a big amount.”

Kau, who has also coached the national team, said he dedicated his life to the sport.

“I was and would be a nobody without gymnastics. It was (Datuk Ahmad) Shapawi (Ismail) who came to my kampung in Sekinchan to coax me to return to gymnastics in 1990 when I wanted to give up,” said Kau.

“That is why I’m still close to him and not because I’m his crony now that he is the National Sports Council director-general. He believed in me when I wanted to give up.”

Kau added: “Look at the records. I don’t want to brag, but I can bravely say I have contributed the most to the sport – as an athlete, coach and technical official – on the local and world stage.