Manchester City-mad Savuriar confident of domestic and European glory

Port Dickson-born Mark Darren Savuriar (pic above) has been a Manchester City fan since 2002.

We ask Savuriar, who is taking his Masters of Science degree in Electronics Engineering at the University of Surrey, his prediction and hopes for the new English Premier League season.

How excited are you that Jack Grealish has signed for Manchester City? What can he add to the team?

Savuriar: I’m very enthusiastic as Grealish is a creative player and excellent at retaining possession. His growth at Aston Villa over the years showed he deserves to take his talent to the best team in the league.

Coupled with Kevin De Bruyne, Riyad Mahrez and Raheem Sterling, Grealish can create more chances. However, Grealish will need time to adapt to City’s system.

Do you think City can get Harry Kane before the transfer window closes?

Savuriar: I don’t think so, and City Group shouldn’t pay too much for him. (Tottenham’s) Daniel Levy is not fair to Kane, but the striker has to sort that out himself.

If not Kane, who can replace Sergio Aguero?

Savuriar: It has to be someone who will experience the steady growth Aguero had with City. Of course, we would want an accomplished striker, but that will pose a range of other issues in terms of adaptability with a squad that’s so used to playing with a false No. 9.

For the sake of argument, I would go with Erling Haaland, rather than Kane. Haaland is young, robust and can adapt to City’s possession style.

Can City retain the league title?

Savuriar: Yes, but I foresee a difficult season. City lost its first game last week, but it had horrible starts before.

Last season, City was 14th after 10 games but won the title. It’s a team that sometimes takes time to find its flow. But, once the momentum gets going, there is no stopping City.

Do you think City can win the Champions League this season?

Savuriar: I’m still gutted we lost last season’s final to Chelsea. The Champions League has been our kryptonite, but we will win it. If not this season, then the next, for sure. We have the players that can deliver.

Will you be going to any home games?

Savuriar: The plan is to attend the home game against Southampton on Sept 18. I have been supporting City for 19 years, but this will be my first time attending a game. I have goosebumps, just thinking of this. It will be one hell of an experience.

When did you start supporting City?

Savuriar: Strangely, I fell in love with City during a 3-0 loss to Leeds on Aug 17, 2002! Somehow, I continued watching the team. To finally watch them ‘live’ is definitely one for the books.

FIXTURES (Malaysian time)

Liverpool vs Burnley (7.30pm)
Aston Villa vs Newcastle (10pm)
Crystal Palace vs Brentford (10pm)
Leeds vs Everton (10pm)
Manchester City vs Norwich (10pm)

Brighton vs Watford
Southampton vs Manchester United (9pm)
Wolves vs Tottenham (9pm)
Arsenal vs Chelsea (11.30pm)

West Ham vs Leicester (3am)