Mourinho out: Sad day for Liverpool fans

Jose Mourinho

The older folk always say they remember the exact thing they were doing the moment they heard JFK was shot.

Some Liverpool fans can remember where they were when they found out “God” aka Robbie Fowler was leaving Liverpool for Leeds.

But today, Dec 18, is another sad day for Liverpool fans and many will probably remember what they were up to when it happened.

We sort of expected it after the spanking on Sunday but we will all shed a tear (probably from laughing) for the world’s most expensive bus driver.

Yes, the dreaded day has come as Manchester United has finally sacked ‘Special Once’ Jose Mourinho after a horrendous start to the season.

Before this weekend, they had just 26 points from 16 league games with a plus two goal difference.

This after nearly £500 million spent in less than three years meant the writing was already on the wall that the Portuguese would not survive until the end of the season.

Yet, the financial implication of sacking a man who was rewarded with a new contract in January was seen as his lifeline – and the fact there are no real superstar managers available – Sam Allardyce or Mark Hughes anyone?

However, after the mauling by Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool on Sunday where the Reds destroyed Mourinho’s double-decker bus to run away 3-1 winners, meant time had run out.

Despite Mourinho’s ultra-defensive tactics, Liverpool had an amazing 36 shots at goal with every single outfield player, including the substitutes, having a crack at David de Gea’s goal.

It meant the Red Devils were stuck on 26 points after 17 league matches (and now zero goal difference) to match their worst start to a season since 1990 – the last time Liverpool won the league.

Liverpool, meanwhile, are top of the pile with 45 points after 17 games.

United has plenty of top-class players and Mourinho’s sacking may rejuvenate their season.

He fought with most of his players and threw them under the bus (which he was probably driving) after each loss but never blamed his tactics.

Mourinho’s Manchester dis-United were a pale shadow of Alex Ferguson’s champions – boring, disinterested, lucky and worst of all lacking attacking flair.

So who could the club go for?

The man Mourinho once labelled as Specialist in failure – Arsene Wenger – is available and ready to get back into management. That would indeed be the final insult.

Goodbye Mourinho, you will always walk alone.