Muhaizar Mohamad

Muhaizar’s final countdown

Finally, I am done with the hardest workout and the longest long run in my training cycle at Cameron Highlands.

I’m happy and satisfied with the effort I’ve given and look forward to one of the biggest races in my life – the BMW-Berlin Marathon.

I left for Berlin on Sept 8 and took the opportunity to have a good sleep on the flight from Kuala Lumpur.

I arrived in Berlin on Sunday, a week before the race and with ample time to recover from the long journey.

My scheduled easy run on the day of my arrival was pushed to the evening to provide sufficient rest.

The weather in Berlin on the day of my arrival was almost similar to what I have experienced in Cameron Highlands with the temperatures ranging from 14° to upwards to 28° Celsius.

I did not have any major issues in conditioning my body.

Jet lag was evident in my first two days but from the third day, my body made the adjustment.

The city is very flat with little to no elevation, perfect for my training and most importantly, the breaking of the national record.

This is my first time in Europe and I am learning a lot about the culture and am keen to know more.

The people mostly speak only German, but really take the trouble to assist you whenever you ask for help.

In the final week leading up to the Berlin Marathon, there was only one day of double sessions, one rest day and the remaining time was filled with easy runs and short workouts.

While there is so much more to explore in Berlin, I have to remind myself I am here on a specific mission – to run a marathon faster than any Malaysian in history.

I am excited, nervous and happy to undertake the next part of my marathon journey and can’t wait to give my best on Sunday.

Wish me luck!

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