Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos

New KL badminton chief vows ‘not to turn blind eye’ to clubs

The Kuala Lumpur Badminton Association (KLBA) has pledged that only the best will represent Kuala Lumpur – regardless of where the players come from.

The territorial nature of certain quarters had caused much frustration within the fraternity in the past when shuttlers from clubs – despite having plenty of potential – were overlooked unless they came under the state association or even the national body.

Newly appointed KLBA president Datuk Seri Jahaberdeen Mohamed Yunoos and his team of office-bearers will not turn a blind eye to clubs and those who are talented.

The senior lawyer had been acting president and was appointed to the top post at KLBA’s 26th annual general meeting today.

Jahaberdeen, a columnist for Twentytwo13, shares his vision for the 2018-2022 term.

“Our main priority is the Kuala Lumpur Closed (tournament). It should be up and running by May (next year). It will be for Under-18, Under-15 and Under-12 for all five events (boys and girls singles, boys and girls doubles and mixed doubles). It was a waste that the tournament was stopped for a long time and that very much disrupted KLBA’s development programme.

2018-2022 development blueprint

We came up with a development blueprint to identify certain issues and solutions to development in Kuala Lumpur. The blueprint was prepared about a year ago but we didn’t implement as we wanted the new exco in place. I was after all acting president but wanted everything done in advance.

We call it the 2018-2022 blueprint. It focuses on coaching, talent scouting and recruitment (of players).

Getting clubs in

Most state associations tend to turn a blind eye to clubs … I’ve seen some of the players from these clubs and they are very good.

Under KLBA, I want to welcome these clubs. I don’t care if they are privately run or public clubs. As long as they have talents to make Malaysia proud, we would like to bring them into KLBA … perhaps as members or associates but without voting rights at the moment. When clubs start participating in our tournaments, then the talent pool becomes bigger.

We can’t exclude clubs. They too would like to be part of the structure.

Our new council will reach out to these clubs. They can continue with their business but we just want to work together with them in ensuring their talents are noticed and promoted.

‘Obtaining rights to land’

Our third priority is the KLBA Academy. It’s supposed to be ready in about two years. We hope to get it on time, if not sooner. It is next to the old stadium (at Jalan Cheras). We have been dealing with Kuala Lumpur City Hall and Cordova Land Sdn Bhd (Cordova, a Mah Sing Group Bhd subsidiary, bought the 11.233 acres of prime land from City Hall last year).

More importantly, because of the administrative convenience, we decided let City Hall apply for the land (that houses the academy) on behalf of KLBA so they hold it in trust for us. We will subsequently get it transferred back to KLBA.

‘Pick up racquet, play badminton’

In KL, badminton courts are almost everywhere and it’s a great workout … you can play with family or friends. It’s one of the cheapest sports, so let’s get more people to pick up a racquet and play badminton.”

Kuala Lumpur Badminton Association

KLBA Council Members (2018-2022)

President: Datuk Seri Jahaberdeen Mohamad Yunoos

Deputy President: Taupik Hussain

Vice Presidents: Ariff Farhan Doss, M. Krishna, Chin Teck How

Honorary Secretary: Seluarize @ Rajoo

Honorary Treasurer: Hazaruddin Hashim

Members: K. Kanagaraja, Muthu Kumar Subramaniam, Joel Jared Wiliam, Jayakumar Palanisamy